We offer many types of services including the following:

Process Management Tools

  • Logic model development
  • Six sigma Lean and DFSS

Data Management and Analysis

  • Secure data entry and integrity checking
  • Trend analysis
  • Spatial coding and regression
  • Hypothesis testing, descriptive and inferential statistics

Qualitative Approaches

  • Survey and questionnaire development
  • Organizational and community ethnography
  • Structured or historical interviews
  • Case study research

Human Factors Analysis

  • Task and process analysis
  • Cognitive walk-through
  • Anthropotechnology (transfers of systems and information between communities)

Your first visit with one of  our consultants is complimentary. Hourly rates range from fifty to ninety dollars per hour depending on the needs of your project. All project expenses and a comprehensive scope of work are quoted in writing prior to the initiation of a contract.

Technical Assistance

  • Grant writing and editing
  • Fact checking

Independent Program Evaluation

  • Needs and gap analysis
  • Targeted outcomes analysis
  • Multi-level reporting for community stakeholders and administrative entities.

Our Services