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MaryFran Heinsch

MaryFran holds degrees in Anthropology from Loyola University of Chicago and The University of Chicago. She has broad experience in technical writing across multiple disciplines and is expert in research design, data management and collection. She is experienced in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis, participant and process observation, interview and survey design and administration.

Best Practices 

Consultants with Anthropodata participate in professional organizations that keep their knowledge of best practices current and their skills relevant to your needs.

Tailored Solutions

We customize research strategies to uncover new insights and improve implementation and outcomes. We rely on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative approaches to give data a human context.               

We will serve the needs of collaboratives, businesses, and organizations by developing insights that speak to their achievements and inform their strategies for continued improvement and growth. We will be ethical, reliable and innovative partners, building enduring relationships within our community.

Informed Perspective

We use the tools and perspectives of the social sciences to inform our program evaluation methods, community outreach efforts and organizational research strategies. Our approach offers a unique view into how people interact with services and systems.

Our Vision

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